Student Portal Process
  • Three types of users are involved in this portal namely Students, Student Branch Coordinators (SBCs) and Mentors/Experts

  • The LOGINs for the SBCs are already created and will be sent to the mail-id of the SBC by the Education Directorate, Chennai.

  • The LOGINs for the CSI STUDENT VOLUNTEERS can be created on their own in "New Student Registration" menu

  • A student can Post Articles, Projects, Apps of the week, Tech Updates in this portal using MY UPDATES MENU after login

  • The content posted by students will be viewed by the SBC of the respective college who will need to approve or disapprove based on the merit of the content.

  • The content recommended by the SBC will be automatically forwarded to a panel of experts. The content if approved by a Mentor can be viewed by ALL.

  • A student can view the postings made by ALL other students which are approved by the SBC and Mentor using RECENT POSTS MENU

  • In case of any problems in login, please contact

  • To help us improve the Portal, do share your candid feedback by using the Feedback Menu

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