service awards

Every year CSI confers on its members the awards at the Annual Convention. There are various awards which are given to the individuals and chapters for their extra ordinary contribution towards the society and IT industry.

Given below is a description of the process flow through which the awards committee scrutinizes, evaluates and validates entries received for the awards:
  • Invites are sent to Chapters Chairmen, Regional Vice-Presidents, and Fellows to nominate various Chapters and personnel for different awards.
  • The proposals are received before the closing date adhering to the deadline in a required format giving details as required helping themselves to be evaluated in a fair manner.
  • The first stage of the stringent validation process begins with the Screening, which evaluates and filters all the participating entries received based on the criteria and currency.
  • The participating entries that make it through after the initial screening are than evaluated by Awards Committee. This Awards Committee may be centrally or regionally located depending upon the situation and availability of time. And they carry out their evaluation via the documents submitted.
  • Top winners from each category are then shortlisted for the next round of evaluation.
  • The Awards Committee then discuss to finalize the winners culminating into respective awards given at the National convention.

Service Award Categories :

1. Best National Chapter Award
2. Best Regional Chapter Award
3. Best Regional Chapter Award
4. Best Regional Chapter Award
5. Chapter Patron Award
6. Best Chapter News Letter Award
7. Significant Contribution Award
8. Active Participation Award
9. Active Participation Award
10. Vandana Goyal Memorial Award
11. Mr. Satish Doshi Memorial Award


Over the years CSI has shown tremendous growth in its membership and activities. The Society now has various tiers, which facilitates easy administrationsand functioning. CSI has instituted Chapter Awards in various categories to acknowledge and encourage various chapters for their outstanding work in which contribute to the growth of the society.

Depending on the size and location of the chapters they are classified into various categories.


Generally the Qualifying Chapters must meet the 2 mandatory conditions plus at least 2 of the other 6 optional conditions (of which at least one each should be from Category ‘A’ and Category ‘B’) and submit supporting documents for the following along with their recommendations.

  1. Submission of annual audited accounts to HQ by 31stMay with no major adverse reporting by the auditors.
  2. Conducted annual elections as per the Chapter Byelaws and HQ guidelines.
  1. Minimum 15% growth in Voting membership.
  2. Minimum 10% growth in life membership (s. t. a minimum of 20% of Voting membership strength).
  3. Promoted at least 1 / 2 / 3 Student Branches within the Chapter territory as approved by the ExecCom; based on the ascending strength of Voting member ranges mentioned in Para IV (a) mentioned later on.
  1. Conducted at least one National event in the last 2 years.
  2. Conducted atleast one Regional / Divisional event in the last year.
    1. Conducted atleast 10 Chapter activities in the last year (to be certified by the Regional Vice President).motivate Chapters and members to be active and to encourage more women and young members to join and contribute to CSI and its objectives.

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