Industry Membership Criteria

The institution membership of the CSI is limited to organizations engaged in use, sales, service, research, development and teaching in the areas of interest to CSI. A nominated member of an institution shall cease to be a member of the CSI on severance of his employment with the Institution, or if the membership of the Institution is terminated.

The membership committee of the CSI may, in special cases, take into account the particular experience of a person in a relevant field and modify or waive the requirement of the time factor or references for admission or transfer to a suitable grade.

Applications for admission or transfer shall be made on the forms available for this purpose from the Office of the CSI. The persons named as references shall certify the correctness of the statements made in the applications, from personal knowledge or on examination of evidence produced by the candidates. In addition they shall mail direct to the office of the CSI reports, in confidence, on forms supplied to them by the applicant.

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