Education Directorate
Education Directorate is located at CSI National Headquarters, Tharamani, Chennai and is engaged in all education related activities.

1. Services rendered :

The following services are provided by the Education Directorate to all members.
  1. Professional Certifications to Individual members and common public.
  2. Contemporary technology, domain, productivity improvement training programmes to members and the public.
  3. Fostering focused research by the academic community through sponsorship.
  4. Reaching IT to the masses and the under privileged by way of conducting certification exams to facilitate their absorption by industry.
  5. Nurturing the IT skills of budding IT professionals by sponsoring them for International Software competitions.
  6. Reaching the benefits of CSI affiliations with other professional bodies to all its members.
  7. Membership services for academic institutions and students including student chapters.
  8. Grant of accreditation to professional programmes after careful evaluation for value delivery and credibility.
  9. Collaboration with vendors, training and certification agencies to reach technology and skill updates and certifications to CSI members.
2. Certification examinations :

When CSI was founded in 1965, Information Technology was in a nascent stage globally, more so in India. To ensure supply of quality professionals to the budding IT industry, CSI took the initiative of being a neutral professional body that would vouch for skills possessed by professionals. This was done by administration of examination based certifications. Around 25,000 professionals earned certifications in various areas like software testing, software engineering, programming languages, database management systems and networking. Industry accorded ready recognition for CSI certifications by virtue of the professional capability evidenced in the certified professionals. CSI also conducted DOEACC ‘O' and ‘A' level examinations for aspiring professionals. 60,000 individuals benefited by gaining industry recognized certification through these examinations.
3. IT for the common man and the under privileged :

CSI has been actively involved in conducting and certifying employees of Electricity Board in IT skills. CSI has devised special IT proficiency examination for the visually challenged students of Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, Mumbai.
4. Training and certification in futuristic areas :

The Education Directorate is designing and launching programmes in the following areas :

• Open Systems
• Robotics
• Wireless technologies
• Cyber Security
• Cyber Law
• Remote infrastructure Management
• Bio-informatics
• Green IT
• Logistics and SCM
• Nanotechnology
• Analytics and Business intelligence
• Virtualization
• Grid computing
• Cloud computing

Collaboration with different agencies and grant of accreditation to reputed institutions will be adapted to offer training and certification to CSI members who are geographically dispersed. As an example, the Information Security programme - PRISM offered by MIEL through reputed academic institutions is accredited by CSI.
5. International Competitions :

Every year CSI selects the best two teams of school students less than 17 years of age to represent India at the SEARCC (South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation) International Student Software Competition. CSI trains and funds the selected teams towards effective performance at the competition held in different countries on a rotational basis.
6. Funded Research (R & D funding for minor projects) :

CSI encourages research by faculty and students through the R & D funding initiative. Details are as below :

Computer Society of India provides financial assistance to permanent College Teachers (age below 45 years), for carrying out research in the fields of Computer Science/Information Technology. The faculty members should be members of CSI and work in an Institution which is an institutional Member of CSI. Students at post-graduate / under graduate levels are also encouraged to take up research in computer software / hardware under approved supervision. This research work is promoted and managed by the Education Directorate. Interested Researchers apply through the Head of the Institution once a year utilizing the application form available on the website. Education Directorate releases the call for sponsored research proposals during November – December. Proposals received within the specified deadline (January 31st) are scrutinized and selectively approved based on merit and funds availability. The duration for approved research programmes is 10 months from June to March of the next year. Complete details can be found at
7. Institutional and Student Branch Membership Services :

Education Directorate is the nodal agency for approval, issue of certificates, issue of ID cards and membership management for the following types of membership :

• Academic Institution membership – new & renewal

• Student Branch – new & renewal

• Independent student membership – new & renewal

The detailed steps for availing the above categories of membership and the benefits thereof can be found at
8. Address for communication:

Director - Education
Computer Society of India
Education Directorate
CIT Campus, IV Cross Road
Tharamani, Chennai – 600 113
Ph: +91-44-2254 1102 / 1103 / 2874
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