Proceedings of the GBM at Hyderabad on 31-1-2021
  1. “Today the Honorable observer of the High Court Mumbai, had conducted the General Body meeting (GBM) after getting satisfied that the conditions to all a GBM was properly fulfilled and the quorum well present Conducted the Elections for the Executive Committee of the CSI along with the Nominations Committee as per the Directives of High Court and Elected the Following

  2. 1  President CSI      Dr. GautamMahapatra
  3. 2   President Elect      Sri. VenkatParasuram
  4. 3   Hon. Secretary      Sri. Raju L Kanchibhotla
  5. 4   Hon. Treasurer      Sri. Manas Patnaik
  6. 5   NC-1         Dr. DD Sharma
  7. 6   NC-2         Dr. Sudhakara
  8. 7   NC-3         SeshuVenkata

  9. It is a happy moment that the Observer of the Hon. Court elected the above and declared them as the trustees for the Executive Committee CSI.
    Hope that CSI will be brought back to track to restore its old Glory ending all litigations and a bright Future.
    Team elected Today will do their best.”
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